Raptor Rehab Centre | Birds of Prey or Raptors

We’ve been working with the Raptor Rehab Centre for a couple of years. This is an ongoing project aimed at educating people about raptors in the South Okanagan. This video was created to provide specific information about raptors in distress. The Raptor Rehab Centre also known as SORCO (South Okanagan Rehabilitation Centre for Owls) is dedicated to rehabilitating injured birds of prey for release back to the wild, and to educating the public to the important role raptors play in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Contact The Okanagan Raptor Rehab Centre for more information. (250) 498.4251 http://www.sorco.org/

Quick Video Tour

You can say a lot with just a few images. This video is a great example of that. It shows the key features and benefits offered by Cathedral Lakes Lodge. Short videos like this allow you to engage your audience without using words and text. The visuals are compelling and share a story that is easy to understand.

Cooking Series | Pilot Episodes

On set with Stephano and Louise.  Photo Credit: Andrew Jakubeit

On set with Stephano and Louise
Photo Credit: Andrew Jakubeit

Cooking is a popular topic on social media. There are plenty of video segments and blogs to choose from. We’ve teamed up with Groove-V Productions to create a web series that focuses on families. Creative Cooking with Stephano and Friends offers a series of recipes featuring one main ingredient. For our two pilot episodes, Stephano Liapis and his assistant Louise show you how to make a tasty red lentil curry and a spiced orange soup using roasted butternut squash. We’re currently editing the segments and we’ll have more information soon about where you can watch them. If you have any questions about creating your own video content for the web, please contact us: info@nullet2media.com

Ogopogo Meats and Sausages

Take a look at this video for Ogopogo Meats and Sausages. It’s a short, effective video that targets key messages. The video shares the story of Ogopogo Meats and Sausages and includes a call to action at the end. It also provides useful and interesting information for customers. The video took around four hours to film over three days. We also added a series of photographs. Post-production took 8-10 hours.

Summerland Festival of Lights

Over the past few years we’ve covered a variety of events in Summerland. Usually the sun is out and the temperature is north of 20 degrees. Not in late November. The temperature during the annual Summerland Festival of Lights was around -6. The cold weather didn’t deter thousands from taking part in activities throughout the weekend. This video features just a few of the highlights from the 2014 Summerland Festival of Lights, Bottleneck Drive Light up the Vines and SummerGate Winery Moonlight Harvest.

Photo by Mark Brett

In The News

Great article by Mark Brett at the Penticton Western News.

Photo by Mark Brett

Photo by Mark Brett

By  Mark Brett – Penticton Western News

The idea of showcasing the South Okanagan’s best and freshest was hatched on a car dashboard under the glare of the Osoyoos midday sun.

Admittedly a little abstract, Brianne Hearle of Destination Osoyoos decided to put together a series of short videos featuring some of the region’s top chefs incorporating the field-to-table theme after she successfully baked some cookies in her car one hot summer day.

“It’s kind of an unusual story. I had done a video for social media the year prior to demonstrate how hot it gets here and I baked cookies in a car and it went so viral,” said Hearle. “When we started talking about it (cooking series) we thought because of all the farm-fresh produce and the great chefs it would be really incredible to have something to show that off.”

With that in mind, it was decided to contact some of the best chefs throughout the region and put them to the creative edible task of producing some really good eats from the valley’s bountiful in-season harvests.

The actual work to produce the videos was entrusted to Erick Thompson of the Summerland-based ET2Media and Andrew Jakubeit of Groove-V Production of Penticton.

Each participating chef was required to go to the farm where the ingredients were raised and footage was taken of them interacting and selecting what they planned to use.

“This is such a great place for chefs and we hear that all the time because of how fresh all the ingredients are,” said Hearle. “It’s so inspiring for them, it’s sort of like a kid in a candy store.

“We’ve noticed we’re getting a lot of foodie tourists as the number of talented chefs in the area increases. As big as the wine is, people will travel for food, and having the combination of food and wine only makes us more desirable.”

She added with increasing importance to the general public on organic and free-range farms, the field-to-table concept has become more than just a fad.

“It’s one thing to say on the menu that your ingredients are locally sourced, but to see a video that shows where the chefs are going to select the produce,  that the chef actually knows the farmer, is paramount,” said Hearle. “I really think people’s palettes are becoming more educated.”

For her own culinary challenge, which will obviously have to wait until next summer, Hearle plans to tackle auto-baked bacon and eggs with croissant.

To see the car-cooked chocolate cookie and this summer’s other videos visithttps://www.facebook.com/DestinationOsoyoos.

Aboriginal Business Match 2015 Promo

We created this promotional video for Raven Events and Communications. It features video and photos from Aboriginal Business Match in Penticton and Saskatoon. The photos and host segments were shot by Alistair Eagle. Aboriginal Business Match connects Aboriginal communities with the private sector to create opportunities for business. We’re looking forward to working with Raven Events and Communications at ABM 2015  in BC, Saskatchewan and Ontario. http://www.aboriginalbusinessmatch.com

Destination Osoyoos Cooking Series

This is one of the videos featured in a series we are working on with Destination Osoyoos and Groove-V Productions. The farm-fresh cooking series features various chefs from the region making delicious dishes. In this episode, Chef Jamie Hertz at Talons demonstrates how to make a Watermelon Gazpacho using local watermelon, cucumber and tomatoes as the main ingredients.

The Vancouver Sun Winegrowers Video Series

This is the fifth video in a series we worked on with The Vancouver Sun and Groove-V Productions. We shot this episode at Fort Berens Winery in Lillooet. The Vancouver Sun Winegrowers Series features wine columnist Anthony Gismondi speaking with British Columbia wine producers. Other videos in the series include Seven Stones Winery, Black Sage Vineyard, Nk’Mip Cellars and Serendipity Winery.


Great Canadian Wine

We really enjoy the creative process involved in making videos. It also helps when our clients are fun to work with. That was certainly the case with Virginia and John Weber at Orofino Vineyards. Not only did we have a great time collaborating with them, we also learned a lot about what goes into making award-winning wine. Orofino was ranked #18 at the 2014 WineAlign National Wine Awards of Canada in Penticton. Congratulations.