Work and Play in Summerland

There’s something exhilarating about riding a bike down the side of a mountain. During our first big ride of the season, I attached a GoPro camera to my handlebars as we dropped 350m down Giant’s Head Mountain. It’s the ultimate adrenaline rush and offers speed with a view. The trip takes less than 5 minutes and features 14 hairpin turns. We sped up some of the shots 200%. As you can see, you have to watch out for other cyclists, pedestrians and dogs. When the gates open, you also have to watch out for vehicles. We’re planning to use some of the footage for a client video we’re working on. It’s our way of combining work and play. Note: click the ‘gear’ icon on the bottom right to watch the video in HD. -erick





Welcome to our new website…finally!

An ultimate bliss: making movies in the mountains

Every business needs a website. We realize this. For the past 2 years and 7 months, we’ve been so busy helping small businesses and organizations share their stories, that we’ve neglected our own. Not cool, right? Alas, no longer will we be red-in-the-face when asked by a prospective client, “what’s your website?” We started out with a web page linked to our travel blog, but it was hard to find. Not anymore. Now we’re here, present and ready to curate helpful, insightful and entertaining content.

We’ll tell stories from our daily work; report on new video and communication trends; and provide amusing observations on food, wine, cats, outdoorsy activities, local events and random tasteful shit that makes us laugh. We hope you’ll enjoy our offerings enough to share them with your friends.

About this site: consider it a gateway to our company. We’d love for you to find us here, and then give us a call. Every client and project is unique so we prefer to answer your questions on the phone or in person.

We’re skilled and experienced professional communicators. Whether it’s video production, event management, public relations, or emceeing/moderating – we’re here to help you share your story!

One of our latest projects:

Client.  Summerland Chamber of Commerce

Goal.  To showcase Summerland as the best place to live, work and play

Released.  February 2014

Length.  6m22sec