Summerland Skatepark Video

The Summerland Skatepark Committee has created a new fundraising video to highlight the benefits of the proposed park. “The new skatepark will be located in a more prominent location where parents can feel comfortable having their children go there,” says Erick Thompson, chair of the Summerland Skatepark Committee.

The District of Summerland’s vision is to build a park that includes an inviting viewing and socializing area, sustainable development principles, local art, and strong connections to surrounding amenities.

“Summerland youth urgently need a safe gathering place,” says Thompson. “The surface and transitions at the current park are unsafe and the park will be decommissioned.”

Many communities smaller than Summerland have seen the benefits of building modern concrete skateparks for skateboarding, BMX and scooter riding as well as inline skating and other activities. For more information please visit Summerland Skatepark Committee’s webpage.